Find Supplies for Your Project in Evansville, IN

Find Supplies for Your Project in Evansville, IN

Learn more about our exotic and domestic hardwood for sale

Whether you need wood for a charcuterie board or a a piece of heirloom furniture, you'll find what you need at Goliath Hardwoods. We have a wide selection of domestic and exotic material for sale. Browse our stock of over 50 different types of lumber from locally sourced ambrosia maple, mineral poplar, and brilliant cherry. Our black walnut is sourced from the Ozarks making it some of the darkest available. The exotic hardwoods we offer, from South American padauk to African mahogany, meet all international guidelines for sustainable harvesting and import.

The live edge slabs offered at the wood shop have all been procured from our area, sawn, and kiln dried by the team at Goliath Hardwoods.

Discover the benefits of domestic and exotic hardwood

Our domestic and exotic hardwood for sale is perfect for your upcoming project. If you're not sure which option is best, learn more about the two:

  • Domestic hardwood has a warmer finish
  • Exotic hardwood is excellent for modern projects
  • Domestic hardwood tends to be more affordable
  • Exotic hardwood is heavier and typically harder
Our selection of exotic and domestic hardwood for sale is diverse. You're sure to find the perfect slab for your project.

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